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Ingles Renovation

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As many frequent Ingles shoppers may already know, the Ingles near Asheville School is closing down for renovations. The original plan to renovate this Ingles was created eight years ago and they had already gotten zoning approval from the City Council, but they never went through with plans. Now, they’ve finally finalized the date of the project, and will begin construction over the summer. The new store, complete with a gas station and a Starbucks is set to open during the fall of 2019. The new Ingles will also employ 200 more people than those who work there currently, meet light pollution regulations (which it currently does not), and will be 64% more energy efficient than the current store. While it is disappointing that there won’t be an Ingles to go to next year, but the advantages for future generations and the greater Asheville community greatly outweigh the cons. Luckily, there is still a grocery store available if you don’t mind the walk. ALDI is just a ten-minute walk past Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack, and is located next to Los Nenes Bakery and Euro Market. However, for now let’s enjoy the Ingles we have before it closes down for renovations.

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Ingles Renovation