Student Elections

August 14, 2017

“If I am elected as your secretary, you will have unlimited internet until 12am.”

“If I am president of student council, phones will be allowed in the student center.”

“If I am chosen as your form representative, you will be able to eat snacks from the dining hall at any time of the day.”

These claims are just a few examples of the many promises that student council candidates have made over the years to their classmates when standing at the podium. Every year, our student body has the opportunity to make choices that will influence the future of our Asheville School career. Students from all cultures, forms, and social standings are given the opportunity to run for positions on student council. Student council is intended to serve as a forum for students to have a say in the decisions that the school must make in regards to student life.  In the past, many classmates have promised later lights on the weekends, unlimited internet and panini presses in the dining hall. These ideas, while well intentioned, have never been fulfilled. This year, the tide has turned. Many candidates have acknowledged the faults of elections of the past, and are actually actively working to end the cycle of impossible promises. As Kate McLemore said in her form representative essay, “I have gone to this school long enough to know that every single student has some sort of change they would like to see happen, whether this be dress code, student activities or other aspects of life here. My goal is to create a council where every student feels they can suggest ideas and see real changes.” Oftentimes, students feel like they are ignored or even silenced. This year, our new student council members are shifting their focuses from unrealistic expectations to realistic goals such as day student riding permissions, bringing regular soda back to campus, building a bridge between students and faculty, day hall improvements, and even creating a stronger bond in our community between students. With these improvements in reach, I am sure that we will see actual changes in the future. Congratulations to our new student council members Nina Mendoza, president; Fahad Mohammed, vice president; Luke Mitchell, treasurer; Nicole Alleyne, secretary; and form representatives Kate McLemore, Carrick Oh, Hannah Chay, Uchenna Ikwuakor, Proud Jiao, Sasha Jones, day student representatives, Robert Harlan and Claire Hill, and international representatives, Evan Kim and Adonis Guo!

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