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Pedal For Medal

August 14, 2017

You may be asking yourself, “Where’s Isabella?” Why is she gone literally every weekend? Why is she always carrying around her bike? Your existential Isabella questions will go unanswered no longer.

Isabella began biking when she was eight where she rode on a local team before joining the nationally recognized SHO-AIR Twenty20 racing team in 2012. She often races locally on the weekends with her team, but recently, she had the opportunity to go abroad to Europe to race with the USA National Cycling Team in the World Championships. During her time in Europe, she raced at the highest level of junior racing with the fastest girls her age from all over the world.  She was competitive in this year’s race, but Isabella is eager to keep training and go back next year when she is at the top of her age group instead of at the bottom.

While she is waiting for her next big European adventure, she will continue her training locally. Her favorite ride in Asheville is up Town Mountain towards Mount Mitchell. Anyone who has cycled around Asheville knows that this ride is famously tough, for Isabella, it’s light work. But sometimes, she has a hard time finding motivation to train day in and day out at school. She says, “I have to self-motivate sometimes, but I have a lot of inspiration and encouragement from the people around me.”

Isabella has a promising future career in cycling, but she says that “it is incredibly difficult to be an international professional racer and have a job.” She strives to have a balance between education, cycling, and a career. Cycling is clearly an underappreciated sport, and Isabella wishes that everyone thought it is as cool as she does.

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