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Athlete of the Issue: CAROLINE BRIDGES

August 14, 2017

Finishing her freshman year as a three sport varsity athlete, Caroline Bridges has demonstrated true grit. Tennis, basketball, and soccer are three sports that she played during the past three seasons. Even though she has played tennis and soccer for eleven years, she made her debut in basketball this year.

Although timid about her first day of soccer, one of Caroline’s role models (Lillie Bridges) offered great advice – “You just need to go out there and do your thing.” This motivation led to Caroline playing doubles in tennis her first year at Asheville School.

Lillie is not the only teammate Caroline has looked up to. In basketball, her source of positive energy was Raven Walters. Caroline learned from Raven how to pick up her teammates and motivate them to keep going. Since this was her first year playing basketball competitively, she believes that she has learned quickly but still has a lot more to understand about the game. Besides her peers, Caroline draws inspiration from Mia Hamm, a professional soccer player. Liz Campbell also taught Caroline how important it is to constantly have a transmissible energy on the field between teammates. This attitude towards the sport was necessary in a recent game when the Blues were down by two points and were able to tie by the end.

Though humble about her accomplishments, Caroline has proven herself especially talented on the playing field. She thought that she would not be as influential on the field and courts as she is. She succeeds along with fellow classmates Mei Mei, Aly, and Anna. These freshman have worked their hardest to make a positive impact on their soccer team and the school community as a whole.

The hustle does not stop on the field. Caroline Bridges has fully integrated herself in the Asheville School community as a scholar and participant of many clubs. Her work ethic, which allows her to power through any and all obstacles, is what allows her to be a student, athlete, and a member of many clubs including FCA, Mitchell Cabinet, and HOSA.

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